* N i g h t m a r e *


Deep in the night

I wake up I’m scared

Moon light in my room

I hear the wind calling me


Deep in my mind

I’m trying to understand

Scenes of a memory

Strange feelings take over me


You have to face the truth you can’t hide

Open your eyes for your nightmare

Don’t look away the demons within

Asleep awake your nightmare


I cannot scream

They want me to come with them

Time seems to stand still

Nobody there to save me


Please forgive me for what I’ve done

How can I go on?

I feel I must return

But no more will my soul burn


Looking out on a blue sky

I can see all the angels fly

Like a prisoner unbound


Pictures what used to be?

Seem to fade away

I wish I could stay here with you


I cant its just too hard

Freezing soul falling in a whole

Dark creatures surrounding me


God in heaven won’t forgive me

Angels do not show mercy

I’m lost for all eternity