With that unfortunate Corona/Covid 19 issue there are no scheduled shows...... We hope with everyone else out there that this situation will eventually go back to normal. 

Until then, take care and stay safe!!!


Currently there are no shows scheduled as we are working on new material. We'll keep you updated when we book new gigs! 



E8.00 p.m. Almost Endless

9.00 p.m. ShadoWhisperS

10.00 p.m. Fourth Circle

11.00 p.m. Elysian Gates


Free Bus service from Glacis every 30 minutes - from 7.30 p.m. to 0.30 a.m. - non stop! Glacis parking space (close Schueberfouer entrance) to Centre Culturel Neudorf and back detailed schedule: www.shadowhispers.com Retrobus a.s.b.l.


Rock 'n' Dine New Italian food Corner:

Freshly prepared pizza, a large variety of pasta, meat, fish, salads,... and even desserts delivered at short spell for you to the Centre Culturel! Eat at the location! Don't miss any of the tremendous concerts! Get the full menu at the entrance and make your choice!

Presale: 8€ (only from bandmembers)    Evening sale: 10€

Next confirmed shows 2016 

 FemME-Club-Tour supporting Serenity

November 17, 2016: Pitcher, Düsseldorf (D)

November 18, 2016: De Verlichte Geest, Roeselaare (B)

November 19, 2016: PopEi, Eindhoven (NL)



17/11/2016: https://www.westticket.de/pitcher-duesseldorf/

18/11/2016: http://www.jbmevents.com/tickets/

19/11/2016: http://www.jbmevents.com/tickets/

Scroll down for more details on each show:


Friday, August 12, 2016: E-lake-Festival, Echternach (L)