2015 gigpics from top to bottom:

Pub La République

Run For The Oceans

Dikrich live

Rock Um Knuedler

No Man's Land

Birthday Gig @ T' Scheier

Gig @ Pub La République, Homécourt (F) Pictures by Alex Maeder

Sea Shepherd Run For The Oceans 2015 Pictures by Romain Becker

Dikrich live Female Voices Of Symphonic Metal Festival

Pictures by Tom Hurt and De Schluck and lots of fan pics

Rock Um Knuedler 2015 Holy Ghost Stage

Pictures by Claude Piscitelli and Gordon Meyrath

Support for Hydra and Mindwhispers

with ShadoWhispers at No Man's Land Volmerange                          

Pictures by Yannick Pfaadt and Tom Hurt

Birthday gig at T'Scheier in Aspelt 

Pics by Tom Hurt